Welcome To Our Wedding Website!  (We feel young and techie having a website.)  We know that most of you will not be able to drop everything and fly to Florida for the wedding.  We will miss you and we hope that you think of us and smile on March 6th.

   "Heaven is granted only to people who know the path to it and follow that path. We can know the path to heaven to some extent simply by considering what the people who make up heaven are like, realizing that no one can become an angel or get to heaven unless he or she arrives bringing along some angelic quality from the world. Inherent in that angelic quality is a knowing of the path from having walked it and a walking in the path from the knowing of it.
   There really are paths in the spiritual world, paths that lead to each community of heaven... We all see our own paths, spontaneously, it seems. We see them because the paths there are for the loves of each individual. Love opens the paths and leads us to our kindred spirits…We can see from this that angels are simply heavenly loves, since otherwise they would not have seen the paths that lead to heaven."               Divine Providence Number 60



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